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Panzer Corps 2 Lead Designer Discusses new Hot Features (Videos)

Slitherine’s has just released news on their incoming hex wargame on WW2. It is a series of videos with Alex Shargin, Lead Designer for Panzer Corps 2, explaining some hot features of their turn-based hex title. Here they are:

In “Impossible Siege” Alex shows off the main features of the game and what it is about: making the best out of the units under your command and adapting successful strategies to reach your goals with minimum casualties.

In “Bring them home” it’s time to look at outflanking manouvres. Alex shows how it’s possible to approach a specific situation from several different angles: will he manage to evacuate a group of encircled units, and how?

Grand Encirclement” shows a much wider battle, involving a larger number of units. Panzer Corps 2 is capable of representing major battles, where the correct exploitation of combined forces is essential. In this video, the player attempts to assault a heavily defended coastline.

You can now wishlist the game on Steam.


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