The great gaming console war between Sony and Microsoft has raged on for almost two decades now. Of course, before Microsoft entered the foray, there were others who were competing with Sony. Once Xbox arrived, in 2001, it’s pretty much been a two-way battle. With much more experience than Microsoft and, let’s face it, a far superior exclusive lineup, Sony has reigned supreme in the rivalry. Howev...

No, don’t worry, this isn’t another PSN hack or data breach, but someone does seem to have failed to understand the implications of something they designed for Sony

Sony are releasing a new official Sunset Orange Dualshock 4

So Sony has just licensed the Japanese company Hori to create a new controller that is 40 percent smaller than the current controllers. It’s mainly meant for younger children due to its small size but adults with quaint hands may enjoy it as well. The new controller is called the Mini Wired Gamepad, and yes, as the name suggests, the controller will be wired (with a 10ft cable) to the console. Bes...

Polyphony have always pushed the limits with graphics whichever generation of PlayStation they have used

PlayStation Plus Free Games for September 2017

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