Slitherin presents its indie developer funding program, the K-Project. Find out here how you can apply.

If you are a die-hard RTS gamer that really, really wants a challenge, then this is the ultimate game for you. If not, steer very clear. Your mouse and keyboard will not survive it.

Field of Glory: Empires is set to release only on PC on July 11th.

Slitherine and Matrix Games have extended an open invitation for their strategy game, Field of Glory: Empires. Field of Glory: Empires is a grand strategy game in which you have to move in an intricate and living tapestry of nations and tribes, each one with their distinctive culture. They will have an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit with Philippe Malacher, Lead Designer for Field of Glory...

Slitherine’s has just released news on their incoming hex wargame on WW2. It is a series of videos with Alex Shargin, Lead Designer for Panzer Corps 2, explaining some hot features of their turn-based hex title. Here they are: In “Impossible Siege” Alex shows off the main features of the game and what it is about: making the best out of the units under your command and adapting s...

This expansion extends Field of Glory II forward to 1040 AD, exploring the rich military history of the so-called “Dark Ages”

Defend Italy! (Or conquer it…)

During Home of Wargamer Live, Matrix Games released its first ever Close Combat: The Bloody First video.

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