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Are Sony about to announce God of War for the PlayStation 5?

A tweet has surfaced saying that a “leak” has possibly been dropped for an “Upcomimg PlayStation 5 game” about to be announced in June. Normally I take these leaks with a pinch of salt, but after a little more investigation there could be some substance to it.

Now, there does appear to be an event scheduled for June, but will it be a release date for God of War 2?

Take a close look at the tweet especially the image at the end of it. At the end of God of War 2018, we are told that Fimbulwinter is beginning- a three year great winter that proceeds Ragnarok, and when the main antagonist is defeated their final word is ‘snow’. That is the reason I would tie together that image and the big news of a God of War sequel.

Obviously this is pure speculation and rumours, but doesn’t everyone live on rumours when it comes to the PlayStation 5 as Sony are certainly being tight lipped about it?

Let’s see what June brings. It could be the news PlayStation fans have been waiting for. We will keep you updated on further news relating to this rumour.


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