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Sony announce new branding for first-party PS5 games with PlayStation Studios

Sony has announced its brand new PlayStation Studios brand that it will be using for its first-party exclusives going forward on the PS5 as a way to let customers know that a game comes from one of Sony’s in-house development teams.

Sony’s various studios already technically exist under the Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios organization (which has its own logo). However, the new branding is much simpler and more focused on the PlayStation brand. It can also help Sony easily highlight exclusive games for customers who may not know that Sony owns. Developers such as Polyphony Digital (Gran Turismo), Naughty Dog (Uncharted, The Last of Us), Insomniac Games (Spider-Man), Santa Monica Studio (God of War), Media Molecule, or Sucker Punch (inFamous, Ghost of Tsushima).

The new branding also gives Sony an easy way to differentiate its first-party exclusives from Microsoft’s. Microsoft having their own overarching Xbox Game Studios branding and logo to highlight first-party titles for Xbox consoles.

The Marvel Studios styled opening animation pans over the iconic PlayStation face button icons. These are overlaid with recognisable characters from first-party games. Titles like UnchartedLittleBigPlanetGod of WarRatchet & ClankHorizon Zero Dawn, and The Last of Us.

The new animation should be featured in various forms at the beginning of games, trailers, and commercials. Due start this autumn alongside the launch of the PlayStation 5. That means upcoming PS4 games like The Last of Us: Part II or Ghost of Tsushima won’t feature the new branding just yet. However, it’s nothing really new. Sony have featured their own PlayStation exclusive animation on adverts throughout the PS4 life cycle.

The problem here is simple; Sony are still not telling the consumers what they want to know. Microsoft have happily shown off there next gen console, whilst everyone is sat in darkness with the PlayStation 5. We just want to know what it looks like! Little announcements like this are simply trying to throw the fans from bugging Sony over the looks of the new console.


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