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Cyan Announces AREA MAN LIVES

It wasn’t too long ago that Cyan Ventures released their first publishing title under their new publishing label. The game was called ZED (read my review here), a beautiful VR narrative story that told us about an artist suffering from dementia, leading you through the labyrinth of his mind.

And now, Cyan Ventures are teaming up with Numinous Games to bring back a game that was once called Untethered. AREA MAN LIVES sets the player in the hot seat as a small town radio show DJ. As the game begins, the on-air sign lights up, and the producer reminds the player that they have to speak, out loud, to begin the show. The player continues to interact with their voice, recording commercials and interviewing callers. They play records and pass the time with their odd-duck producer until their shift ends. Only when local townspeople start calling in does the player discover just how strange their coastal community can be. When the stakes are raised, can the player do anything to prevent the death of the area man who insists on saving the day?

Cyan Ventures are really venturing (haha) into the VR realm as much as possible. I remember when I first played Obduction (read my review here), Cyan’s very own VR title that followed in the Myst’s wake, with very much the same type of gameplay and mechanics, but enhanced with current gen graphics and of course virtual reality. Cyan Ventures, as the publishing branch, is continuing with this brilliant VR tradition in bringing Numinous Games’ adventure to life.

There is now a Steam page for the upcoming game, and we will be keeping close tabs on further updates. For now, here are some screenshots that Cyan has shared with AIR Entertainment in their latest communication with us:



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