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Secret Files series heading to Nintendo Switch

Deep Silver announces today that the critically acclaimed adventure series Secret Files is to be released on Nintendo Switch. Starting off with Secret Files Tunguska which is set to launch on November 30. Worldwide all chapters of the series will be ported to Nintendo’s new console in the near future.

About Secret Files Tunguska

When Vladimir Kalenkow, a high-ranking scientist looking into the unexplained Tunguska catastrophe from 1908, goes missing, his daughter Nina and his assistant Max are drawn into a conspiracy of epic proportions. Chased across the globe by the Russian intelligence apparatus and a zealous secret society,the two adventurers solve mysteries in Germany, Russia, Cuba, China and even Antarctica. But the more light they shed on the truth, the more they put themselves in danger!

• An interactive mystery thriller

• 12+ hours of suspense-laden playing time

• 2 playable main characters

• Dozens of NPCs with individual background stories

• Lots of demanding quests, riddles and puzzles

• More than a hundred exciting locations

• High-quality graphics with amazing attention to detail

• Full voice acting by popular dubbing actors

• Fully localized into German, English, Russian, Polish, French, Spanish and Italian

More information about the upcoming releases of Secret Files 2 Puritas Cordis and Secret Files 3 will follow shortly.


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