Wasteland 3 PS4 Pro Review: Here at AIR Entertainment we strive upon our honesty when it comes to reviewing games. So with that said I will hold my hand up and admit that until recently I had never heard of the Wasteland games. When I did research the game my initial thought was that it was surely going to be a Fallout rip-off. Doing my research I feel like an idiot. I found out that Wasteland has...

The Stolen Lands await adventures and rulers!

The Saints are back and slicker than ever

"This shark will swallow you whole."

Windbound breathes new life into survival genre

Brave the horrors of the Russian Apocalypse in February 2020

To celebrate the recent launch of the post-apocalyptic adventure Metro Exodusfrom Ukrainian developer 4A Games, and the announcement of the world’s first ray-tracing gaming laptops powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX, we partnered with Deep Silver to show you some of the real-world inspiration behind the hauntingly beautiful environments in the game. Metro Exodus uses NVIDIA’s RTX technology to deliver ...

Will Outworld become a cult classic RPG like Skyrim and ESO?

Ever wanted to step away from your gaming but stuck for ideas of something to actually do? How’s this for an idea, you can build your very own version of the Aurora from Metro Exodus. As the Aurora and her band of Spartans hurtle through post-war Russia, you can have an Aurora for your very own. Named after the Roman goddess, who every morning flies across the sky, announcing the arrival of ...

Artyom always dreamed of a world beyond the Moscow Metro.  But in post-apocalyptic Russia, dreams can turn into nightmares. 

The second episode in this three-part documentary series exploring the origins of the team  behind the Metro videogame series is out now 

Gameplay Trailer Features Tense Survival Against Magic and Monsters

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