We take a look back into the past, and fill our nerves with some chills and nostalgia.

  • Retrospective: Resident Evil 7 VR (psvr). (6/10/2018) - In the middle of 2018, you’ve likely seen one of the dozens of reviews of Capcom’s 2017 terrorfest Resident Evil 7, so you should have a pretty good idea of how it went.  One of the original survival horror series, Resident Evil has been plagued in recent entries by increasingly convoluted storylines and forced co-op whose […]
  • Team Silent and Combating Technical Limitations (12/20/2017) - Team Silent and Combating Technical Limitations
  • PlayStation VR – The Best of Year One. (10/13/2017) - A year ago today, Sony released PlayStation VR, a major gamble for a console publisher commonly known for giving up on its hardware peripherals – in fact if it weren’t for PSVR, my PlayStation Move controller would still be collecting dust with its nunchuck counterpart and my Wonderbook (remember that?).  Since then, over 100 games […]
  • Complete History of Silent Hill, as told by POLYGON (9/19/2017) - Polygon's Retrospective of Silent Hill is still a favourite
  • My Top 10 Horror Games (9/10/2017) - I thought I’d put together my own personal top 10 horror games. Now, there is probably a lot more that could have made the list, but I am going on the games that I have played myself over the years (which is scarily a lot in over 30 years of gaming). 10. P.T. The game […]
  • From MYST To OBDUCTION: Everything You Need to Know for Our Upcoming Review (9/5/2017) - We take a wonderful stroll through all the Myst games leading to our upcoming review of Obduction