Red Wings: Aces of the Sky Featured in New Trailer

Red Wings: Aces of the Sky Featured in New Trailer

Publisher All in! Games has released a brand-new live-action trailer for Red Wings: Aces of the Sky! It’s an arcade action game that lets you become a flying legend of the Great War. Pilot warplanes of Entente Powers and the Triple Alliance on your PC and consoles. The excitement takes off on Nintendo Switch first.

In the beginning of 1917, Manfred von Richthofen became the leader of the No 11 Fighter Squadron Jasta 11. Under his command, the squadron gained many of the best German pilots of the time. Since the dominant color of the planes in the squadron was red, von Richthofen’s nickname comes from this period: the Red Baron.

102 years later the Red Baron’s story returns with the new Red Wings: Aces of the Sky live-action trailer.

Take to the skies over the Great War!

Dive into this dynamic action game that puts you right in the middle of thrilling battles with a fresh arcade gameplay style. Travel back in time to the breakthrough period of the history of flight, when the courage of pilots bordered on insanity and the risk was never higher.

Assist the legend!

Witness aerial dogfights as you assist the heroic Red Baron, Manfred von Richthofen—the fighter ace of the war, known for 80 air combat victories. Do you have what it takes to become a part of his squadron? 

Choose from over 10 historical warplanes of Entente Powers and the Triple Alliance to pilot. Invite a friend and fly together with local multiplayer on split screen. Sky-high adventures are waiting for you!

Cheat death and aim for victory!

Rule the skies and pilot legendary warplanes! Take your opponents down and use skill points to make your pilot aim even deadlier. Experience a one-of-a-kind comic book-stylized adventure set in an exciting historical period. Read quotes from real letters from WW1 pilots on your way to becoming the true ace of the sky.

Wishlist on Steam:

Red Wings: Aces of the Sky | Steam

Join the Discord server:

Red Wings: Aces of the Sky | Discord

For those of you heading to PAX East 2020, Red Wings: Aces of the Sky will be playable in the Expo Hall at Booth #23017.

About All in! Games

All in! Games is a new video game publishing and production company based in Krakow, Poland. Founded in 2018, the team has raised 10M EUR for production and marketing and already signed sixteen games, including Ghostrunner (One More Level), Tools Up! (The Knights of Unity), Paradise Lost (PolyAmorous), Fort Triumph (CookieByte), Daymare: 1998 (Invader Studios, Destructive Creations), Metamorphosis (Ovid Works), NYX: The Awakening (Black Sail Games), Red Wings (All in! Games), Of Bird and Cage (Capricia Productions), Space Cows (Happy Corruption) and Space Company Simulator (INTERMARUM).

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