PS4 Review – MotherGunShip

PS4 Review – MotherGunShip

Mothergunship was officially released on 17 July 2018 for the PS4 and is also available for PC and Xbox One. It was developed by Grip Digital, Terrible Posture Games and published by Grip Digital. It is science fiction first person shooting game.

AIR Entertainment obtained a digital copy of the game for review purposes.

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Mothergunship tells the chaotic tale of a massive gunship that is intent on wiping everything out in the universe. It is a bullet-hell driven first person shooter that sees bullets flying everywhere at the player from different directions. The game has a madness to it like no other, and it utterly fantastic!

One gets to craft any number of weapon combinations to create any gun that one would like, even ones that are impossibly huge to carry. All this is in an effort to stave off the huge bosses and enemies in this game that launch massive missiles at you almost every second of gameplay.

One can either play single player or in co-op mode, either taking the battle to the robot aliens alone or with a friend. This gives the game more excitement when a friend joins and both players unleash a similar hell of gunfire that is being dealt by the enemies.




Gameplay is just as chaotic, in a good way. The player does not only have to move and shoot, sometimes backwards as an enemy rushed to crush them with its huge bulk, but also needs to traverse traps within the ships. There are loads of jump points, which the players must use to simultaneously rise over traps and avoid the thousands of bullets raining upon them.

Crafting weapons is also a dream. One can rotate the weapon and add parts to the gun to make it one massive killing machine. Even though crafting can be a bit studious at first, once one gets used to it, it is a fantastic mechanism to master and easy to continue to adjust one’s weapon.

All in all, the gameplay mechanics are very smooth and the features are wonderful. Playing it on console with the controller is very easy to master, and it can only be wondered what it would be like on a PC.






The music in this game is definitely there to edge you on, bombarding you with action sounds while the chaos of traps, aliens and bullets surround the player from everywhere. The sound serves one purpose, to boost you with adrenaline towards your next conflict. It is a wonderful choice of sounds that gives the player that fix of excitement and adventure.

The graphics are also exquisite, with absolutely no fault to be found. Sometimes, though, there is so much happening on the screen that it is hard to pinpoint what to focus on. And sometimes one has to figure out what to do with the objects flying towards the player, but once one has obtained the hang of it, the game becomes pure fun.




mothergunship Score.jpg

Mothergunship is a chaotic, fun, exhilarating bullet-hell first-person shooter that will give every gun-loving, firepower-hungry, alien-shooting gamer a massive ballistic orgasm. It will test the best of the best with its massive bosses and intricate traps, while possibly infuriating any newbies who have never had a taste of such a massive venture.

With world-class graphics and sound to accompany a wonderful game, Mothergunship earns 9/10.


Disclaimer: AIR Entertainment obtained a digital copy for reviewing purposes. This review is the author’s own opinion and not influenced by the developer in any way, as per our reviewing Code of Ethics.



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