Panzer Corps 2 1939 DLC Released!

the Panzer Corps 2 1939 DLC

Slitherine has announced that the Panzer Corps 2 1939 DLC has been released. The DLC series “Axis Operations” will expand the Panzer Corps 2 setting with new operations on the German side. The second DLC, “1939”, will focus on the early months of WW2.

The Panzer Corps 2 1939 DLC is the second DLC included in the Marshal Edition of Panzer Corps 2.  All owners of the Marshal Edition were able to download the DLC one week in advance (August 20th). From August 27th, the DLC will be available for purchase to all Panzer Corps 2 players.


Press Release: Panzer Corps 2 1939 DLC

Panzer Corps 2 1939 DLC

With the valuable lessons learned from the Spanish Civil War behind them, Germany turns towards the rest of Europe with vengeance in its eyes. Vengeance for the treatment of their country under the despised Treaty of Versailles.

Whiles the Allies attempt to pursue their strategy of Appeasement, Germany moves to secure more and more lost territory. After the 1938 annexation of the Sudetenland, the decision is made to gobble up the rest of Czechoslovakia. Once again, your Wehrmacht forces are called to action.


Panzer Corps 2 1939 DLC

In the the Panzer Corps 2 1939 DLC, take command of Wehrmacht forces in this second chapter of the overarching Axis Operations Campaign for Panzer Corps 2.

Expect to encounter new mission types, old friends, and surprising opportunities as you begin to blaze a trail of conquest across Europe.
Prepare to engage Czech, French, Polish, and even Danish forces in this second chapter of the Axis Operations Campaign.


Panzer Corps 2 1939 DLC

In the Panzer Corps 2 1939 DLC, players can import their core forces that completed the previous Spanish Civil War campaign or use a preset core force to directly launch into the Axis Operations 1939 campaign.


Panzer Corps 2 1939 DLC

Explore both obscure and well-known battles of World War II through various scenarios and bonus mission objectives taken straight from the pages of history.

In addition to normal combat, in the Panzer Corps 2 1939 DLC, you’ll be tasked objectives such as capturing Czechoslovakian factories without bloodshed, setting up minefields to delay the French Saar Offensive, securing Bzura River bridges against massive Polish counterattacks, and even seizing control of tiny Denmark to clear the way for Operation Weserübung: the invasion of Norway.


Panzer Corps 2 1939 DLC

By completing bonus objectives and achieving various degrees of victory in the Panzer Corps 2 1939 DLC, you’ll earn Commendation Points that can be spent on a variety of unique rewards ranging from access to stockpiles of captured enemy equipment, special prototype vehicles, and even convincing historical officers to join your army.


From Czechoslovakia to the French invasion of Germany, to Poland, to Finland, and even Denmark, players can expect to encounter a huge variety of adversaries in this campaign.

Plenty of different battlescapes await in the Panzer Corps 2 1939 DLC, as does the ongoing opportunities to capture and field enemy equipment as your own. And watch out for more three-way conflicts as your invasion of Eastern Poland encounters the Soviet Invasion heading west…


The end of 1939 is not the end of your campaign though, it is merely the latest step. At the conclusion of Axis Operations 1939 in the Panzer Corps 2 1939 DLC, players will again be presented with the option to save their core force for use in the next instalment of the Axis Operations Campaign.

Panzer Corps 2 1939 DLC Scenarios

Panzer Corps 2 1939 DLC

Any campaign of the Axis Operations in the Panzer Corps 2 1939 DLC can be played individually as a standalone campaign.

15 Scenario List:

  • – Czechoslovakia
  • – Sarreguemines
  • – Warndt Forest
  • – Orenthal
  • – Forbach
  • – Saarbrucken
  • – Battle of the Bzura
  • – Modlin
  • – Brest Litovsk
  • – L’vov
  • – Wlodawa
  • – Warsaw
  • – Raate Road
  • – Taipale
  • – Denmark

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