Office Lovers Review

Office Lovers Review

Our Office Lovers Review peeks beneath the sheets at this erotic graphic novel game that reminds us of 50 Shades of Grey with multiple male characters. D3 Publisher released the title on 3 September 2020 on the Nintendo Switch. It contains a long storyline with text-choice gameplay.

It isn’t our first time playing a D3 Publisher graphic novel. Our first journey into these game types was with My Butler. The more we play these erotic text games, the more we’re growing to like them.

Does the game live up to your erotic expectations? What visual elements does it have and what can you do in the title? Read more in our Office Lovers Review.

Platform reviewed:NS
Release date:3 September 2020
Genre:Graphic Novel
File size413 MB
Developer:Dogenzaka Lab
Publisher:D3 Publisher


Office Lovers Review

You are an employee at Viola, a major corporation in the cosmetics industry. While you’ve been devoting your time to working on new makeup, your own makeup has suffered as a result. Needless to say, love is nowhere in sight.

Suddenly, you’re assigned to work on a new project that’s been assigned to develop a new product in time for Christmas. While working alongside her superiors on the team and an energetic co-worker, you start to get more in touch with your femininity…

The above text is the write-up for the game that we decided to include in our Office Lovers Review. If it excites you enough to play the erotic graphic novel, then you’ll absolutely love it. The entire game is filled with suggestive dialogue like that.

You’ll spend most of your time reading through all the talking between your female character and the males in the game. While we’re embarrassed to admit it, there were story elements that became rather…juicy. You’ll be sat there wondering what’s going to happen next, which ultimately leads to a ‘fade to black’ mechanic just as the sexy actions begin.

There’s definitely a market for stories like this, and not just in Japan. For our Office Lovers Review, we felt that the writers delivered just the right tone to get you excited and interested in the characters and the different relationships. You’ll have to decide throughout the story which male character you’re interested in the most.

We also enjoyed the various story arcs and chapters. If you’re looking for a game that feels like a book, that’s what we found for our Office Lovers Review. As a writer of Silent Hill novels, I have the utmost respect for the team who put this story together.


Office Lovers Review

The gameplay is fairly simple, which is to be expected with a graphic novel. Read through pages of dialogue and inner thoughts, and make a choice every now and again. The decisions don’t really affect the game all that much, leading to a different response between characters.

You can look at the history log if you skipped dialogue by accident, and you can also skip text to the next choice. Of course, you’ll miss out on the main aspect of the game. Do you really want to miss all the tasty talk between them, leading up to the hottest moment of all?

You have the ability to set autoplay, which we loved for our Office Lovers Review. The dialogue will continue without your input until you need to choose what to do next. It’s perfect for saving your fingers for… holding the controls.


Office Lovers Review

There’s no doubt that the graphic artists know what they’re doing. They are experts in Japanese art, we feel for our Office Lovers Review. Just look at some of the scenes in this article to get an idea of what to expect. The lightning, the shading, the colours… it’s all so tantalising.

We’re going to go ahead and give the graphics a high rating, simply because we love this art style. There’s a specific aspect to is that we simply fell in love with so quickly for our Office Lovers Review. We just wish there were more animations and sensual scenes.


Office Lovers Review

The corny music goes perfectly with a game of this nature. While we would have preferred some voice acting for our Office Lovers Review, other than the occasional moaning sounds of pleasure, we understand why it was omitted. We’re sure most gamers will skip all the text, so adding voices would be pointless.

Office Lovers Review: Final Verdict

Office Lovers Review

We actually enjoyed doing the Office Lovers Review more than My Butler. We’re not sure if this genre is just growing on us, but the story feels more detailed and enjoyable. We do wish there was more to the gameplay, but that’s just the nature of graphic novels. We do love the graphic scenes, though…obviously.

Does the $14.99 price make Office Lovers worth buying? Well, only if you’re a fan of graphic novel games. If not, I’d wait for a price drop or a giveaway code.

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Operating System: Nintendo Switch

Application Category: Game

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