Let’s Sing Queen Review 2020 – New Exciting Singing Title

Let's Sing Queen Review

Our Let’s Sing Queen review covers a singing music game by Ravenscourt, launched on 2 October 2020. It’s a unique title following Let’s Sing 2020 and just before the November 2020 launch of Let’s Sing 2021. It features several albums from the popular band, Queen.

Last year, we were pleased to produce a Let’s Sing 2020 review. We sang to our heart’s content, which amazing gameplay and features. We were building up for Let’s Sing 2021, when this beautiful Queen game appeared.

Is Let’s Sing Queen just as good? What features are available, and how many tracks can you enjoy? Let’s have a look in our detailed Let’s Sing Queen review.

Platform reviewed:PS4
Release date:2 October 2020
Genre:Music, Singing
Players:1 – 4
File size8.4 GB


Let's Sing Queen Review

We usually cover the game’s story elements first in our reviews. Since there’s no plot, we’re going to look at the modes in our Let’s Sing Queen review instead.

As with Let’s Sing 2020, there are plenty of modes to enjoy. The first is classic mode, where you and friends can sing to the words on the screen and compete for the best score. You can also challenge yourself for a personal record.

Next up is ‘Feat.’ mode, where you can go it alone with Freddy Mercury to see how compatible you two are in terms of singing together. You can also sing with friends for an idea of whether you’ll be great bandmates. This feature is a favourite in our Let’s Sing Queen review.

World Content mode is like online Pop Idols for the franchise. You can challenge others online and climb the leaderboard to the top. I know I’m no ace singer, so I tried this out just for fun. I’d rather not say where I ended up on the board.

Mix Tape 2.0 delivers a completely different experience. It was worth a try for our Let’s Sing Queen review, with mixed medleys of different Queen songs to test your versatility. It’s fun, but can wreak havoc on those tender vocal cords.

Jukebox mode simply plays the songs for you. You can sit back and relax while doing your chores, or pick up the mic and sing with. There’s no scores and no pressure, just extreme enjoyment.

Let’s Party mode sets two teams against each other for the ultimate showoff. We didn’t spend too much time on this feature for our Let’s Sing Queen review, but random songs appear which the teams take turns singing to see who comes out on top.

For a game that’s just about singing, we’re impressed with how many modes it has to offer. It’s clear that the developer wants you to have the best karaoke experience, and it truly delivers.


Let's Sing Queen Review

When writing about the gameplay for our Let’s Sing Queen review, we want to focus on how well your voice input matches what appears on the screen. We’ve had bad experiences with singing games in the past where there were terrible delays. Fortunately, Let’s Sing Queen doesn’t have this issue.

You’ll have to calibrate your mic and check the settings for echos and how loud your voice plays over the music. While you sing, there are multipliers that increase the more you perfect it. Drop a note or get words wrong, and you drop back down on the multiplier scale.

We’re happy to see for our Let’s Sing Queen review that the game retains the same method of displaying where you are in the song. There’s a small white ball with a colourful tale to help you keep track. All you have to do is hold the mic, or your phone, and sing.


Let's Sing Queen Review

If you’re a Queen fan, then you’ll love the background scenery that features the music videos. The avatars make a return, with a few new ones we noted for our Let’s Sing Queen review. The cartoonish characters are a ball of laughter with their expressions as you either conquer or fail at each song.

The small white light that shows where your voice is on the singing scale is incredibly helpful. Small dips in pitch, which you wouldn’t notice while singing in the shower, show you where you’re accidentally dropping the notes. It’s really aids in perfecting your voice and hitting those tunes perfectly.


Let's Sing Queen Review

Of course, this Let’s Sing Queen review is all about the sound. you’ll have an incredible playlist of 30 songs!! For a price of £34.99 and so many game modes available, this number of songs is truly a treasure.

Being a Queen fan, you’ll absolutely love taking friends and family on to prove that you’re living up to your idol’s fame. It’s magnificent and we couldn’t find any fault with the songs as we sang along.

Let’s Sing Queen Review: Final Verdict

Let's Sing Queen Review

We’re glad to have covered this Let’s Sing Queen review. Instead of producing a DLC to add new Queen songs to Let’s Sing 2020 or add it to the Let’s Sing 2021 roster, Ravenscourt opted for an independent title.

And boy, we fully support this approach! Having an exclusive list of Queen’s song is incredibly pleasing, and the vast amount of modes and songs makes this singing game exceptional. We definitely believe that Let’s Sing Queen is worth buying if you’re into Queen and the Let’s Sing games.

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Let's Sing Queen Review 2020 - New Exciting Singing Title

Our Let's Sing Queen review looks at the many features and modes you'll find in this singing game. Launched 2 October 2020, you'll enjoy the 30 tracks.

Price: 59.99

Price Currency: £

Operating System: PS4

Application Category: Game

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