Hot Shot Racing Review

Hot Shot Racing Review

We hit the fast streets for this Hot Shot Racing Review. The arcade racing game is brought to you by Sumo Digital, Lucky Mountain Games and Lucky Mountain Games Limited, with Curve Digital as the publisher. It launched on 10 September 2020 for the Nintendo Switch.

We absolutely love racing games, and it’s been ages since we had an arcade version that reminds us of arcade gaming centres. You’ll see checkpoint timers with the same racing atmosphere as the classic titles of the ’90s. It really threw us back in time.

Will you enjoy racing these hardcore tracks with tough NPCs? What are the visuals like and is the gameplay easy? Read our Hot Shot Racing Review for more details.

Platform reviewed:NS
Release date:10 September 2020
Genre:Racing Simulator
Players:1 – 4
File size3.1 GB
Developer:Sumo Digital, Lucky Mountain Games, Lucky Mountain Games Limited
Publisher:Curve Digital


Hot Shot Racing Review

We played the arcade racing game for our Hot Shot Racing Review expecting a storyline. Sadly, we were disappointed. However, there is a career mode, amongst others.

You can compete on 16 different tracks in different grand prix. Each stage has various levels for winning on different difficulty settings. You can choose between 8 racers, drifting and racing your way to the finish line.

If you’re playing locally, then you can play up to four players on a split-screen. Go online to compete in 8-player races. There’s also a time trial mode, letting you smash lap records for the leaderboard.

The characters have no detailed background stories, though. You can pick one of their four cars to race with, but don’t expect to modify them. For a taste of Need for Speed Most Wanted, you can play Cops and Robbers with friends and chase each other on the streets.


Hot Shot Racing Review

The gameplay is relatively easy we found for our Hot Shot Racing Review. Race around the track at full speed and drift into corners. With each special move, you build up the boost meter for when you need it.

You can also speed up using an opponent’s slipstream. There’s a timer for you to reach the next checkpoint, but the ultimate goal is to win each race. The harder the setting, the more challenging your opponents will be.

If you’re used to arcade racing, then it’ll be easy to master these tracks that have no reality settings whatsoever. It’s a relaxing game that sets the hint of nostalgia within you. It’s just a pity we couldn’t spend any time customising your vehicle for this Hot Shot Racing Review.


Hot Shot Racing Review

As you can see by our Hot Shot Racing Review screenshots, the graphics are cartoonish and blocky. We suspect that it was meant to be that way due to the arcade nature of the game. In that light, it’s not too bad.

You have a handy HUD, with a map on the left and the lap and position numbers above it. The large timer ticks above your vehicle, and the rev and boost meters are on the bottom right. The top right is reserved for lap times.


Hot Shot Racing Review

We even found the sounds to be arcadie for our Hot Shot Racing Review. There’s a booming voice counting down before the race starts, and your character shouts the odd comment to opponents when you pass them or vice versa.

The music is all action and adrenaline. If you’ve entered an arcade centre and heard all the loud pumping music from the racing games, then this element will be familiar. It’s a good throw back to the good old days.

Hot Shot Racing Review: Final Verdict

Hot Shot Racing Review

Our Hot Shot Racing Review reveals an arcade game that sets all the right tones. There are different modes available to race locally or online. The graphics and sounds hail from the arcade centers, and the developers did a good job of bringing it back. The gameplay is pretty basic, using slipstreams a boosts to keep you ahead.

Is it worth $19.99 to buy Hot Shot Racing? There’s enough content to justify it, and it will definitely keep you busy for a very long time. However, it won’t hurt waiting for a sale to drop.

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Price: 19.99

Price Currency: $

Operating System: Nintendo Switch

Application Category: Game

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