Fishing Adventure Review | Switch | Let’s Go Fishing!

Fishing Adventure Review | Nintendo Switch | Worth Buying?

Welcome to our Fishing Adventure review for the Nintendo Switch! Can you tell I’m excited? That’s because I love fishing elements in games.

Now, I’m not talking about the type of game review where fishing is just a side quest, such as Stranded Sails and My Time at Portia. No, I’m talking about a real fishing simulator, such as Fishing Planet. Today, we’re going going to review Fishing Adventure and see whether it is worth buying.


Fishing Adventure Details

Ultimate Games S.A. originally launched Fishing Adventure on PC in November 2019. Deciding it needed a more realistic experience, the published released the game on the Nintendo Switch on 21 February 2020. It is a Polish developer, which is fitting considering the location where you start in the game.

They’ve developed similar fishing simulator games, such as Ultimate Fishing Simulator on PC and Professional Fishing on mobile. On a fishy side note, they’ve also recently released Wanking Simulator, which will receive a game review from us shortly.

Fishing Adventure Review | Nintendo Switch | Is it Worth Buying?

Pros and Cons


  • Decent selection of fish and fishing equipment
  • Real fishing simulation with Switch joy-con controller
  • Wide variety of locations
  • Extremely low price of £8.09 / $9.99 / R146; it is worth buying!
  • Great inventory, profile and fishing shop items
  • Bread bait is infinite
  • Keeps track of your fishing records on your profile
  • It has missions!!!!


  • Blocky graphics at times which reduces gameplay experience
  • Fish don’t play by the bait rules of the game

First Impressions

Fishing Adventure Review | Nintendo Switch | Is it Worth Buying?

When I started playing for the Fishing Adventure review, the Switch game greeted me with two main options at the welcome screen. I could either ‘Play’ or check out the ‘Missions’. Not sure what the first option meant, I went there first.

You start out in Poland, which is fitting because that’s where the game developer’s studio is. For this fishing simulator game review, that is the only location available at the start. While I was fishing in Poland, I wondered how I could unlock the other areas on the map. So, I headed to the Missions section.

Fishing Adventure Review | Nintendo Switch | Is it Worth Buying?

As much as I love Fishing Planet, it could learn a thing or two from Fishing Adventure’s mission layout. Instead of unlocking new locations based on your character level, you specifically need to complete a set number of missions in each country. These missions are generally based on catching a specific fish a certain number of times or obtaining a total weight with the fish that you catch.

While I’m impressed with the mission selection for my Fishing Adventure review, I feel the graphics could do with some work. Don’t get me wrong, though. Some of the scenes are generally well done. However, there are certain areas that just looked a bit blocky. Not enough to put me off playing, but enough to notice it.

Fishing Adventure Review | Nintendo Switch | Is it Worth Buying?

Playing Fishing Adventure

The one that the Fishing Adventure review for the Nintendo Switch can boast about is the real fishing simulation that comes with owning joy-con pads. You generally have some real fishing action! Well, as close to it as possible. With the controller’s strapped to your wrists, you can strike and cast as if you’re really standing at the lake.

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Albeit, it took some time getting used to. You’ll need to get that strike rate just right. Whether you’re using floaters or lures, there is a symbol at the top of the screen which indicates whether you’re getting a bite or not. Finding the perfect time to strike is essential.

One aspect I enjoy is that you can choose what reward you want when you catch a fish. You can sell the fish while receiving additional cash. You can also choose releasing the fish for extra experience. Either way, you’ll receive both, but either one can be boosted by the choice you make.

If you’re wondering what you’re inventory looks like, you’ll find it by accessing the store. For my Fishing Adventure review, I believe the inventory and shop have great layouts. You can effortlessly switch between the two while seeing the same categories for both.

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Fish Don’t like Rules

As you level up, you’ll unlock new equipment as well as bait. When you buy bait, it will tell you which floaters and lures work well with certain types of fish. Additionally, we love that the bread bait is the default, limitless bait. This definitely makes Fishing Adventure worth buying for this game reviewer.

The fish don’t seem to play by the rules of the game though. While the bait store might give you an indication of which bait works best for fish species, sometimes you’ll find that the fish don’t agree. It’s the same as Fishing Planet, making me wonder why they set these fish-bait game rules in the first place.

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However, while I’m complaining about it, it does sometimes work in your favour. For instance, I had a mission where I needed to catch 5 Roach fish and the store said that caster bait is perfect. Yet, I essentially ran out of caster bait just as I started catching them. When I switched to the default bread bait, I ended up getting quite a few Roaches.

Of course, this keeps to the realism you’ll find in most fishing simulation game reviews we’ve done. It’s not completely bad and it really helps you out. I just have minor issues with a fishing game telling me that this bait works well for those fish, and the fish disagrees.

Final Verdict – Is Fishing Adventure Worth Buying

Our Fishing Adventure Review found some aspects worth raving about. The inventory and shop link perfectly with the same layout, your profile keeps score of your fishing records and there are several locations to unlock. We also loved the missions.

Yet, the best feature is only available on the Nintendo Switch. You can use the joy-cons for real fishing simulation action from the comfort of your home. The only minor downfalls are the sub-par blocky graphics and fish who don’t like the bait they’re supposed to enjoy.

It isn’t enough to justify a negative Fishing Adventure review rating. The fishing simulator game receives 9/10 from me. With the low price of £8.09 / $9.99 / R146 (GBP/USD/ZAR), Fishing Adventure is worth buying.

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