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Finding Teddy 2 Review | AIR Entertainment

Finding Teddy 2 is a retro adventure platform game that has found a home on the Nintendo Switch. It presents a sweet fantasy tale, generally filled with combat and monsters. PixelHeart is the game publisher while Storybird is the developer.

We recently reviewed the SHMUP collection, a retro series of games which PixelHeart also brought to the Switch. It appears as if pixel designs are the heart of the company (haha).

Today, we’re going to look at what this delightful fantasy adventure platform game has to offer as well as if Finding Teddy 2 is worth buying.

Platform reviewed:Nintendo Switch
Release date:16 April 2020
Price:£8.99 / $9.99 / R163
Genre:Platformer, Adventure, Retro, Role-playing
File size416mb
Languages:English, Portuguese, French, German,
Russian, Italian, Spanish
Play modes:TV, Tabletop, Handheld


Finding Teddy 2 Story

Despite the title of the game, finding your teddy is chiefly done right at the beginning. Thereafter, you’re transported to a fantasy world called Exidus. Anguis the Magician has overthrown the kind King Tarant. His dark hand now markedly rules the land.

To prevent the residents and creatures from escaping, Anguis has specifically sealed all gates. Furthermore, four special crystal eggs are hidden throughout the kingdom.

Your main objectives are evidently clear from the outline above. You’ll need to find the crystal eggs and also free the king. Of course, it’s not that simple. Along the way, you’ll fight evil creatures as well as solve interesting puzzles to progress on the story.

Without spoiling the story details in our Finding Teddy 2 review, we specifically enjoyed the story elements of the game. The main characters were interesting enough to keep us entertained. There were also large varieties of creatures and monsters that made progressing through the game fun.

Gameplay on the Switch

Gameplay Options

The Nintendo Switch offers various ways to play Finding Teddy 2. You can play on the television, on the tabletop with its stand, as well as in handheld mode. We enjoyed the television option the most so that we could specifically view the retro graphics on the big screen.

Combat system

Finding Teddy 2 offers a very basic combat system. You won’t find any challenging combo systems or surprise attack moves. While this definitely makes it easy for anyone to play, there is a certain monotony in performing the same attack moves over and over again.

However, not all creatures are attacked the same way. Some are attacked from below, others from above. Certain puzzles require understanding how to take enemies out the right way. For our Finding Teddy 2 review, we felt the combat system could have been slightly better.

Watch your step

While mastering the combat system is easy, watching where you jump is another thing. Most of the deaths specifically come from jumping incorrectly or missing our step. Thankfully, you’ll come to learn how to master these sections too.

Character abilities

How the Finding Teddy 2 developer handled story progression is superb. As you progress through areas, you won’t be able to access certain parts. Blocks may be transparent or doors are secured by vines.

After finding artifacts such as runes, you’ll unlock the ability to access those previously inaccessible areas. Blocks become solid and vines can be removed. In the end, the whole game becomes one large retro puzzle as you return to previous areas.

Hours of Gameplay

When you start playing the retro adventure game, be prepared for hours of gameplay. You can get over 20 hours of solid gaming. This is chiefly the reason why we took so long getting to this Finding Teddy 2 review.

One of the chief elements of the game is the labyrinth we had to wade through. Playing the game is basically like trying to figure out which doors lead to where. The map is generally functional in this regards, giving an indication of how the entryways link up. There were times though that working this out became slightly frustrating.

How Finding Teddy 2 looks

Even on a 65″ LED 4K television, Finding Teddy 2 displays remarkably well. The Switch’s screenshots don’t do it any justice. While it’s retro graphics, the design is fantastic and the world is wonderfully rendered.

Of course, you’ll get a crisper design on the switch itself. Creatures bring some delightful design variations and there are some rather amazing scenes to behold. There are also some truly stunning special effects in the retro game.

The only matter worth point out in our Finding Teddy 2 review is the issue with knowing where to jump at times. Like the image above, you may pass climbing points without even realising it. You’ll spend a lot of time with beautiful scenery wondering: “Can I jump on here? How about here?”

However, we’d also like to mention that you do become used to it. Play the adventure game long enough, and you’ll start to zone in on those jump points in no time.

How it sounds

The music is pleasant and adds to the atmosphere of the game. Different areas have different sounds. Some induce a feeling of action and excitement, while others have a spooky, haunting atmosphere.

The gameplay sounds also play out well. You’ll hear heavy footsteps or the switch of your mighty sword. Certain creatures also emit a satisfying cry when you kill them off.

Finding Teddy 2: Final Verdict

Overall, Finding Teddy 2 is a surprisingly enjoyable experience. When we started playing the retro platform game for our Finding Teddy 2 review, we were worried it would be child’s play. However, the story and game is very engaging and requires the utmost attention, even for adults.

We recommend trying out the game and feel that Finding Teddy 2 is worth buying if you’re into retro platform games.

+ Fantasy Tales that draws you in
+ Interesting Characters
+ Pleasant retro soundtrack
+ New abilities unlock New areas
+ Hours of gaming
– Basic combat system
– Labyrinth map system
+ Retro Graphics
+ Decent creature design
+ Enjoyable scenes
– Hard to tell where to jump at times


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