Cyberpunk Action RPG Neon Sword Is Live On KickStarter

Cyberpunk Action RPG Neon Sword Is Live On KickStarter

In May earlier this year, AIR Entertainment co-owner and founding member Andi Hodgetts had an interview with CEO of PeaHead Games, Japes Hirons, about the upcoming cyberpunk action RPG, Neon Sword.

We are proud to announce that Neon Sword is finally live on Kickstarter!


Of course, both Andi and myself are rather excited about the release of this game, and it has nothing to do with the fact that both Andi and I are writers and voice-actors for the game. (Imagine the huge smile on my face). It has been an exciting experience working with PeaHead Games and see the game, first initiated in 2012 and swinging into full development in 2016, finally come to that point where we are getting ready to publish.

And we would love to see the game materialise. For that, the Kickstarter has gone live to aid PeaHead Games in obtaining further funding for final development. Feel free to head on over to the Kickstarter and have a look. Even if any of you can retweet, share on Facebook, post to your groups, this will be a great help.

Here is a summary of the game by PeaHead Games on the Kickstarter page:

Neon Sword is an open world 3rd person top down action roleplay game with elements of business simulation. The non-linear story has multiple choices that effect the world around you leading you down many paths; the person you become is shaped by your decisions made within the game.

The game focuses on the choices you make and the business that you grow, however you choose to grow it. Do you decide to focus on commercial retail, or do you go the faction way of violence to take what you want? Would you like to grow your own Gotham empire, Don Falcone?

If you would like more information on the game, feel free to visit the following:




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