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Greatest gaming memories (Screenshots, videos + Stories)

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Gaming brings people together, gaming creates memories, gaming creates moments that you will look back on for years to come. You can crack a smile or shed a tear whilst looking back at an old screenshot of a game you played way back when, with friends you made in that moment, as if looking at a childhood photo. This power doesn't come exclusively to old recordings, there are countless memories forged through gaming that we will remember up to the day we die without any visual aid.

So the question I'm asking:

What are your favourite stories from your own person experiences gaming?

Whether it's your favourite memory, a love story, a story of friendship, a hilarious story you still laugh at just thinking about or even just a screenshot of an old MMO that speaks 1000 words in itself.

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what a great post my dude, totally agree with you, videogames are awesome, i have too many memories playing some of em, for example: i laughed so much playing some gamemodes in garrys mod with my friends, or beating them in WWE 2k15, i also played some games that they made me cry, like the end of the walking dead season 1, life is strange, finding paradise, lucy the eternity she wished for and many more, i had epic moments, i had challenging moments for example playing guitar hero on expert, the games definitely has improved all my skills, i remember when i played my first games on the ps1, that day all my life changed because i begun to play more mature games like survival horrors, yo man, i could talk about this topic for days<3


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