Charming Platformer, Bug Academy, is now on Kickstarter

Charming Platformer, Bug Academy, is now on Kickstarter


Funds have begun to roll in on the crowdfunding Kickstarter platform for the new platformer 2.5D game – Bug Academy. This production, which will enable the training of insects, stands out with its crazy atmosphere, gameplay based on joyful chaos and a charming audiovisual setting. The release of the PC game is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2019.

The Polish studio Igrek Games is responsible for Bug Academy. The publishers will be PlayWay S.A. and Ultimate Games S.A.

Pledges on the Kickstarter platform will last until 16 February. The basic goal is 10 thousand Canadian dollars and achievement of subsequent levels of backing will allow for the development of the game and its release also on consoles.

As the creators of the game explain, Bug Academy is the only insect school in the world in which insects like flies, fireflies, mosquitoes and bees can be prepared for various life situations. The list of activities will include, e.g. watching over animals on pastures, fighting fires, repairing plumbing installations, playing musical instruments, flights into space and many others. Each insect stands out with its unique capabilities.

As per developer, Jacek Perzanowski:

The world in Bug Academy is very interactive. The vast majority of elements can be destroyed, moved or grabbed. The result is gameplay saturated with a joyful type of chaos. Bug Academy will be a game for people who prefer quick and intensive gameplay. The theme is of course light but completion of a given level with the best result will be a really big challenge

The gameplay is as simple as controlling insects and performing tasks the best or the fastest. As Jacek Perzanowski says, the game will be divided into a variety of levels in the form of lessons for individual types of insects.

This is the first game in history for the training of insects. It will offer an interactive world, a charming audiovisual setting, a light climate and humor as well as a sense of chaos, which however has a cheerful ring. Thanks to the campaign on the Kickstarter platform, every interested person can now have a direct impact on the final shape of Bug Academy. For example, if a certain payment threshold is exceeded, the person supporting the production process will be able to independently, e.g. name an insect or even design one of the levels.

Main features of Bug Academy:

  • training insects;
  • interactive world;
  • cheerful chaos;
  • intense gameplay;
  • light climate and ;
  • varied tasks;
  • charming audiovisual setting.

Bug Academy is planned to appear on the Steam platform in Q4 2019. The game may also be issued on current generation consoles.

Bug Academy (Kickstarter):

Bug Academy (Steam):

Trailer Bug Academy:

Kickstarter trailer Bug Academy:

Gameplay trailer Bug Academy:


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