The Beast Inside PC Review – Terrifying Time Travel.

The Beast Inside is an Indie, horror Survival game. It was developed by Illusion Ray Studios and is set back in the cold war. Is it worth buying? Find out in our The Beast Inside PC review! Remember the good, old days where scary was exactly that. Remember playing Alien Isolation or Outlast? A time where the sole purpose was to make you jump out of your skin, no subtleties, just out and out terror...[Read More]

The Company of Wolves 1984 Film Review(Spoilers)

What big eyes you have Granny, all the better to watch this film, my dear! Enjoy the thrilling suspense from The Company of Wolves(Affiliate link), this fantastic British 80’s horror remake of the Brother’s Grimm fable – Little Red Riding Hood. Using the protagonist to tell the story using her dreams. Rosaleen, a peasant girl in the village loves her granny (played by Angela Lans...[Read More]

Pangeon PC review – Is it Worth it?

Developed by Mr Ciastku and published by Ultimate Games, pangeon is a medieval dungeon crawler, taking inspiration from classics such as Doom and adding a modern touch. With the Minecraft style aesthetics and the RPG elements sprinkled in, is the game worth it? Keep Reading our Pangeon PC review to find out! An unfortunate attempt of reviving retro gaming, one can appreciate jumping into the time ...[Read More]

Paper Beast PC Review – Origami Paradise

Paper Beast is a 2020 VR adventure game developed and published by Pixel Reef. Find out if it’s worth buying in our Paper Beast PC Review! If you are looking for something new, find yourself immersed in Paper Beast. Here you can discover a new world where creatures and plants have their own ecosystem. A spectacular Origami world full of animals, origami landscape and a colour palette that is...[Read More]

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