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art of rally review

Welcome to our art of rally review! This exciting drift racing game launched on 23 September 2020, developed and published by Funselektor Labs Inc. It’s available for PC on Steam, but we’re really hoping to see a Nintendo Switch release.

When I first started playing the racing simulator for my art of rally review, I was sceptical. It had a design and artwork i wasn’t used to when it comes to serious rallying, and I wondered how much the game really had to offer. Within two hours of gameplay, I was completely inlove.

Is art of rally worth buying? What gameplay mechanics does it have and what is replayability like? We answer all these questions and more in our art of rally review.

Platform reviewed:PC
Release date:23 September 202
Genre:Racing Simulator
File size3 GB
Developer:Funselektor Labs Inc.
Publisher:Funselektor Labs Inc.

art of rally Review: Story

art of rally review | AIR Entertainment

The art of rally is more than a racing simulator game. It has so many features available that you won’t know where to start. Of course, we always begin with the Campaign, which is where we headed.

You start in 1967 in a sort of parallel universe with similar events. There are different groups stages, namely 2, 3, 4, b, a and s. Each group takes place between 1967 and 1971, with iconic cars from that era. You unlock cars as you progress through career mode.

The next mode is time attack, which is self-explanatory. You choose a stage and race against the clock to beat your personal best time. If you’re a competitive sort, you can also check the online leaderboad.

Custom rally is also available where you set the parameters. Choose the car, track and setup, and then race across the dirt roads for the best results.

There are also online events you can participate in, featuring daily and weekly events. You’ll see a timer for events, which means you have that many hours to set the best times as much as you want. The eventual winner is the one who gets the top time when the clock ends.

Finally, our favourite mode for this art of rally review, there’s free roam mode. Cut across the daisies, collect R-A-L-L-Y letters, find mix tapes and stop to take in the view at scenic locations. It gives you the freedom to ride as you wish without worrying about time or opponents. Oh, and you can spray paint or wash your car too.

art of rally Review: Gameplay

art of rally review | AIR Entertainment

We absolutely loved that we could use our Xbox controller to race around the suburban tracks for this art of rally review. The control layout is kept simple, with your main focus on the triggers for acceleration and braking. There are a few other features, such as repairing a puncture, taking a photo, and checking the map.

You won’t spot any other racers, whether NPC or online multiplayer. It’s all based on time. When you complete a race, the game will present the final results and your standings. We’ve been coming first for every career mode race, but our online average was about 250th.

It would have been nice if the game told you out of how many racers that position is. I mean, 250th out of 251 would be pretty bad, but out of 5000 would be damn cool. In any event, it’s a great way to enforce replayability, as you’ll be mastering tracks to get into the top 10.

The main issue for the gameplay aspect of this art of rally review is how terribly challenging the cars are to drive. You’ll want to stick to the dirt road, as going offroad is a terrible experience.

art of rally review | AIR Entertainment

Your car jumps, hops and skips, with a few somersaults added for full effect. I actually think I received a trophy for performing a barrel roll. At least the developers have a sense of humour.

While it may appear funny at first, it becomes intensely frustrating in an online race. The major gripe comes with the supercars that everyone has to drive for the same online event. Those cars are so powerful, that they’re incredibly hard to handle.

You’ll have the vehicles rear end swinging a lot as you attempt to get the right amount of throttle with the trigger. In a way, this is a good thing, as you’ll eventually become a master once you get the hang of how much gas to apply after taking a corner.

While I’m sure most of the racing mechanics are there for realism, such as losing it at fast top speeds, you may want to change some of the settings so that you don’t lose more than your grip on the road.

art of rally Review: Graphics

art of rally review | AIR Entertainment

You may be shocked to read that we actually enjoyed the art style in this art of rally review. Most of the fauna and objects you encounter look like they’ve been painted into the game. As a matter of fact, there are some surreal scenes where it looks like you’re racing on a canvas.

While the graphics are superb, there are elements that could have been better. We hated having to pause to see the map. There’s a metre of sorts on the left to show you how long the track still is, but having a small map in the bottom corner wouldn’t have hurt.

There are also times where important objects seem to vanish. For example, there are rails at specific points to stop you going off the track. Sometimes portions of these rails disappear into the grass or painted ground, and you’re not sure if it’s there or not until you hit it.

Overall, the design is amazing, though. We laughed at the rectangular people that run out of the way when you drift through them. It’s like a scene from Fast and Furious: Tokio Drift.

art of rally Review: Sound

art of rally review | AIR Entertainment

The sound is another aspect worth praising in this art of rally review. You’ll hear the classic roar of old engine as you race on the dirt roads. It gives you the impression that you’re really sat in that powerful car, sinking your tyres into stone and sand.

There’s also enjoyable music in the game. The developer has made sound a part of the gameplay, as you’ll unlock more tunes by collecting mix tapes. It shows how much work they put into this game while keeping the download size small.

art of rally Review: Final Verdict

art of rally review | AIR Entertainment

For our art of rally review, we believe this racing game is an absolute treasure that still needs to reach its full potential. There are some aspects they can improve on, and we’re looking forward to other rally modes where you can race NPCs and online players on circuit tracks.

The artwork is stunning, simple, and enjoyable for any age group. For the low price of $24.99, we definitely feel that the art of rally is worth buying.

As an extra incentive for reading this long review, here are a few more in-game screenshots.

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