Embark on a Technological Conquest in New Management Simulator — Tech Corp.

Tech Corp. places you in the super-fancy shoes of the next big-time tech company founder

Earlier this week, Tech Corp. was unveiled, an awesome upcoming startup sim/biz management tycoon game. It’s something we think you’ll want to check out!

Tech Corp. places you in the super-fancy shoes of the next big-time tech company founder – though starting up a new venture is no easy task! From founding your small startup in the early ‘90s to designing, marketing, and launching your way into the modern age, you’ll experience what it’s like to manage every aspect of a massive tech company. 

With a wide array of hardware and software to choose from, you’ll be challenged to launch your first product, deciding everything from its color scheme to its specific components! The technological jamboree doesn’t end at physical products! You can design, manage, and maintain apps and platforms for your devices, while figuring out marketing and monetization along the way. 

No successful CEO accomplishes this on their own, however! Your employees are the vital organs that keep your company thriving — just don’t forget to give them frequent breaks, or risk an unproductive team, leaving you with poor sales and an even poorer reputation. Your potential is boundless, the choices endless – and only the best tycoons will build a tech empire to last through the ages. Play your cards right and all is yours for the taking in Tech Corp.

Developed by Mardonpol, published by 2tainment GmbH, and launching on Steam on June 20, 2019, Tech Corp. aims to prove itself as the Tycoon That Was Promised, Breaker of Simulation Chains, and Mother of Management Games


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