A Hat In Time 3D Platformer Released Today On PS4 and XBO

Make sure you don't miss this epic 3d Platformer released today


Today is great news for those waiting for A Hat In Time to release on console. Humble Bundle have announced that we can now obtain this 3D Platformer for the PS4 and XBO! It was already available on Mac and PC through Steam, but for the rest of us we had to wait for the console release.

A Hat in Time was developed by Gears for Breakfast and quickly became one of the largest funded indie game Kickstarter campaign. Humble claims that its 3D Platform nature hasn’t been seen since Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, and Psychonauts games of old. Here’s a short write-up of the game:

Travel with Hat Kid as she tries to recover the hourglass-shaped fuel for her spaceship! Race to collect them all, as everyone else on the planet are hunting for them as well, including the evil little Mustache Girl!

Upgrade your hat by attaching badges to it and defeat everyone in your way with your trusty umbrella!

You can visit the Humble or Hat in Time websites to find out more, or head to your PlayStation or Xbox online stores to download a copy. We’re hoping to pick up a review copy from the developer soon to let you know if it is worth picking up.





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