Sony Released A New PS4 Controller For Tiny Hands


So Sony has just licensed the Japanese company Hori to create a new controller that is 40 percent smaller than the current controllers. It’s mainly meant for younger children due to its small size but adults with quaint hands may enjoy it as well.

The new controller is called the Mini Wired Gamepad, and yes, as the name suggests, the controller will be wired (with a 10ft cable) to the console. Besides losing the wireless functionality, a lot of the features of the DS4 including a touch pad (a small button in the middle replaces this), light bar, stereo headset jack, speaker, vibration, and motion sensing are stripped away for this mini controller. It also comes in a PlayStation blue color.

With a $30 price tag, and given the lack of technology here, Sony probably made this as a cheap alternative gamepad for small children who are more prone to damaging the expensive Dual Shock 4 controllers. Or maybe to adults who are likely to rage quit a game and smash their DS4 to pieces. Nevertheless it will be 50% cheaper than a standard DS4 and it will be available in time for the holidays in the US and Canada


Oh, and it kinda looks like the joy con from the Nintendo Switch, just to put it out there. So if Nintendo is encouraging third party developers for the Switch to attract mature gamers, maybe Sony is releasing this kid friendly gamepad to attract a more family friendly audience? Who knows?


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